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Adding a Background Image to a Worksheet
Adding a Background Image to a Worksheet
Most of the time, simpler is better. But, in some cases, you might want to spiff up a worksheet
with something fancy. One way to do that is to apply a background image. A background image
in Excel is similar to the wallpaper that you might display on your Windows desktop or an image
used as the background for a Web page.
Figure 63-1 shows an example of a worksheet that contains an appropriate background image —
money, for a financial services company.
Figure 63-1: You can add almost any image file as a worksheet background image, but some images work
better than others.
Before you get too excited about this feature, remember this caveat: The graphical
background on a worksheet is for on-screen display only — it isn’t printed when you
print the worksheet.
To add a background to a worksheet, choose Page Layout
Background. Excel
displays a dialog box that enables you to select a graphics file. (All common graphics file formats
are supported.) When you locate a file, click Insert. Excel tiles the image across your worksheet.
Some images are specifically designed to be tiled, such as the one shown in the figure. This type
of image is often used for Web page backgrounds, and it creates a seamless background.
Page Setup
You also want to turn off the gridline display because the gridlines show through the image.
Some backgrounds make viewing text difficult, so you might want to use a solid background
color for cells that contain text. Use the Home
Fill Color control to change the
ground color of cells.
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