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Seeing All Characters in a Font
Seeing All Characters in a Font
You probably have dozens of fonts installed on your system. Here’s a quick way to view the
characters available in any font.
Start with a new worksheet and then follow these steps:
1. Enter this formula into cell A1:
2. Copy cell A1 down the column to cell A255.
3. Click the Column A header to select the entire column.
4. Choose a font from the Font drop-down list in the Home
Font group.
5. Scroll down the worksheet to see the various characters in the selected font.
6. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 as often as you like.
Figure 65-1 shows a partial view of the characters in the Webdings font. The row number
corresponds to the character number. You can enter these characters from the keyboard by using the
numeric keypad, but make sure that NumLock is turned on. For example, to enter the character
shown in row 120, hold down the Alt key while you type 120 on the numeric keypad. For codes
less than 100, enter a leading zero. Make sure that the cell (or character) is formatted using the
correct font.
If you plan to share your workbook with others, be careful about using nonstandard
fonts (fonts that don’t ship with Windows or Microsoft Office). If the font you
specified isn’t available on your colleague’s system, Excel attempts to substitute the closest
match. But it’s not always successful.
The CHAR function works with only the first 255 characters in the font. Unicode fonts contain
many additional characters, which cannot be displayed by using the CHAR function. However,
you can create a simple VBA function procedure that mimics the Excel CHAR function, but works
with character values greater than 255:
1. Press Alt+F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor window.
2. In the Project window, click the item that corresponds to your workbook.
3. Choose Insert
Module to insert a VBA module.
4. Type the following lines of code in the VBA module:
Function CHAR2(code)
CHAR2 = ChrW(code)
End Function
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