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Entering Special Characters
Entering Special Characters
The Excel Symbol dialog box is useful for locating and inserting special characters into a cell (see
Figure 66-1). You access this dialog box by choosing Insert
Figure 66-1: Characters in the Miscellaneous Technical subset of the Arial Unicode MS font.
On the Symbols tab, you select a font from the Font drop-down list. For most fonts, you can also
select a subset of the font from the Subset drop-down list. Select the character you want and click
the Insert button. Insert additional characters if you like, or click Close to close the dialog box.
If you insert a character from a particular font, Excel continues to display that same
character, regardless of the font applied to the cell. For the largest selection of
characters, use the Arial Unicode MS font.
If you use a particular character frequently, you might prefer to make it more accessible. You can
do this by using Excel’s AutoCorrect feature. The following instructions make the “place of
interest sign” character (it’s selected in Figure 66-1) easy to access:
1. Select an empty cell.
2. Choose Insert Symbols Symbol, and use the Symbol dialog box to locate the character
you want to use.
In this case, the symbol is character code 2318, located in the Miscellaneous Technical
subset of the Arial Unicode MS font.
3. Insert that symbol into the cell by clicking the Insert button.
4. Click Close to close the Symbol dialog box.
5. Press Ctrl+C to copy the character in the active cell.
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