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Entering Special Characters
6. Choose File
Options to display the Excel Options dialog box, click the Proofing tab, and
then click the AutoCorrect Options button to display the AutoCorrect dialog box (or, just
press Alt+TA).
7. In the AutoCorrect dialog box, click the AutoCorrect tab.
8. In the Replace field, enter a character sequence, such as (p).
9. Activate the With field and press Ctrl+V to paste the special character.
10. Click OK to close the AutoCorrect dialog box.
After you perform these steps, Excel substitutes the symbol whenever you type (p). When you
select a replacement string, choose a character sequence that you don’t normally type. Otherwise,
you may find that Excel is making the substitution when you don’t want it to happen. Remember
that you can always press Ctrl+Z to override an AutoCorrect entry. See Tip 42 for more about
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