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Converting Formulas to Values
Converting Formulas to Values
If you have a range of cells that contain formulas, you can quickly convert these cells to values
only (that is, the result of each formula). Beginning with Excel 2007, this common operation is
easier than ever. In previous versions, you had to display the Paste Special dialog box, but that’s
no longer required.
Here’s how to convert a range of formulas to their current values:
1. Select the range. It can include formula cells as well as nonformula cells.
2. Press Ctrl+C to copy the range.
3. Choose Home
Paste Values (V).
4. Press Esc to cancel Copy mode.
Each of the formulas in the selected range is replaced with its current value.
If you want to put the formula results in a different location, just select a different cell before you
perform Step 3. The original formulas remain intact, but the new range contains the formula
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