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Dealing with Function Arguments
Dealing with Function Arguments
Excel has dozens of useful functions, and each of them has its own, unique set of arguments. You
probably memorize the arguments for functions you use frequently, but what about the other
The best way to insert a function is to use the Insert Function dialog box. Display this dialog box
by using any of these methods:
h Click the Insert Function button, located in the Formulas
Function Library group.
h Click the fx button to the left of the Formula bar.
h Press Shift+F3.
If you don’t know the name of the function you need, you can search for it by entering some text
in the Search for a Function field and clicking the Go button (see Figure 80-1). After you identify
the function, click OK, and you see the Function Arguments dialog box, which guides you
through the function’s arguments, as shown in Figure 80-2.
Figure 80-1: Use the Insert Function dialog box to help find the function you need.
By the way, if you’re entering a function manually (without the assistance of the Insert Function
dialog box), you can press Ctrl+A to display the Function Arguments dialog box. This key
combination works only if you haven’t yet entered any arguments for the function.
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