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Monitoring Formula Cells from Any Location
Monitoring Formula Cells from Any Location
If you have a large spreadsheet model, you might find it helpful to monitor the values in a few
key cells as you change various input cells. The Watch Window feature makes this sort of task
very simple. Using the Watch Window, you can keep an eye on any number of cells, regardless of
which worksheet or workbook is active.
To display the Watch Window, choose Formulas
Watch Window. To watch a
cell, click the Add Watch button in the Watch Window and then specify the cell in the Add Watch
dialog box. When the Add Watch dialog box is displayed, you can select a range or press Ctrl and
click individual cells.
Formula Auditing
Figure 83-1 shows the Watch Window, with several cells being monitored.
Figure 83-1: Using the Watch Window to monitor the value of formula cells.
You can customize the display in the Watch Window by doing any of the following:
h Click and drag a border to change the size of the window.
h Drag the window to an edge of the Excel window, and it becomes docked rather than
free floating.
h Click and drag the borders in the header to change the width of the columns displayed.
By dragging a column border all the way to the left, you can hide the column.
h Click and drag any of the header borders to increase or decrease the width of the column.
h Click one of the headers to sort the contents by that column.
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