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Using Goal Seeking
Enter this information in the dialog box by either typing the cell references or pointing
with the mouse.
3. Click OK to begin the goal-seeking process.
Figure 86-2: Enter the information in the Goal Seek dialog box.
In less than a second, Excel displays the Goal Seek Status dialog box, which shows the target
value and the value that Excel calculated. In this case, Excel finds an exact value. The worksheet
now displays the found value in cell C4 ($284,779). As a result of this value, the monthly
payment amount is $1,800. At this point, you have two options:
h Click OK to replace the original value with the found value.
h Click Cancel to restore your worksheet to the way it was before you chose the Goal Seek
This example is very simple. The power of goal seeking is more apparent when you’re dealing
with a complex model with many interrelated formulas.
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