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Using Functions in Names
Using Functions in Names
Tip 88 describes how to create a named constant. This tip, however, takes the concept one step
further and describes how to use worksheet functions in your names.
Figure 89-1 shows an example of a named formula. In this case, the formula is named ThisMonth,
and the actual formula is
Figure 89-1: Defining a named formula that uses worksheet functions.
The named formula uses two worksheet functions. The TODAY function returns the current date,
and the MONTH function returns the month number of its date argument. Therefore, you can
enter a formula such as the following into a cell and it returns the number of the current month.
For example, if the current month is April, the following formula returns 4:
A more useful version of this named formula returns the month name as text. To do so, create a
formula named ThisMonthName, defined this way:
Now enter the following formula into a cell, and it returns the current month name as text. In the
month of April, the formula returns the text April:
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