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Creating a List of Names
Creating a List of Names
The Name Manager dialog box, shown in Figure 90-1, is a handy tool that displays a list of all
names defined in the active workbook. Display this dialog box by choosing Formulas
Name Manager. Or, just press Ctrl+F3.
Figure 90-1: The Name Manager dialog box displays a sortable list of all names.
Suppose that you want to put a list of those names into a worksheet range, as a way to
document your project. Although the Name Manager dialog box doesn’t provide a way to paste a list
of names, doing so is possible — you just need to know where to look.
The secret Paste List button is in the Paste Name dialog box. To display this dialog box, choose
Formulas Defined Names Use in Formula Paste Name. Or, press F3. Then click the Paste List
button to create a list of names (and their definitions) starting at the active cell. Figure 90-2
shows the Paste Name dialog box, along with the list it created.
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