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Working with Negative Time Values
Working with Negative Time Values
Because Excel stores dates and times as numeric values, you can add or subtract one from the
other. Figure 94-1 shows a simple example that tracks the number of hours worked. The total is
calculated in cell B8 by using this formula and formatting the cell using the [h]:mm number
format (see Tip 59 for details):
Cell B9 uses the following formula to calculate the amount of time required to make up a
40-hour work week:
Figure 94-1: Cell B8 displays the time left in a 40-hour workweek.
If the number of hours worked exceeds 40 hours, the formula in cell B9 returns a negative
number. But, as you can see in Figure 94-2, Excel can’t deal with a negative time value.
Figure 94-2: Excel displays a series of hash marks for negative time values.
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