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Calculating the date for Easter is difficult because of the complicated manner in which Easter is
determined. Easter Day is the first Sunday after the next full moon occurs after the vernal
equinox. I found these formulas to calculate Easter on the Web. I have no idea how they work. They
don’t work if your workbook uses the 1904 date system. (Refer to Tip 94 for more about the 1904
date system.)
This one is slightly shorter, but equally obtuse:
Memorial Day
The last Monday in May is Memorial Day. This formula calculates Memorial Day for the year in
cell A1:
Notice that this formula calculates the first Monday in June and then subtracts 7 from the result,
to return the last Monday in May.
Independence Day
The Independence Day holiday always falls on July 4:
Labor Day
Labor Day occurs on the first Monday in September. This formula calculates Labor Day for the
year in cell A1:
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