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Using a Pivot Table Instead of Formulas
Using a Pivot Table Instead of Formulas
The Excel pivot table feature is incredibly powerful, and you can often create pivot tables in lieu
of creating formulas. This tip describes a simple problem and provides three different solutions.
Figure 103-1 shows a range of data that contains student test scores. The goal is to calculate the
average score for all students plus the average score for each gender.
Figure 103-1: What’s the best way to calculate the average test score for males versus females?
Inserting subtotals
The first solution involves automatically inserting subtotals. To use this method, the data must be
sorted by the column that will trigger the subtotaling. In this case, you need to sort by the
Gender column. Follow these steps:
1. Select any cell in column C.
2. Right-click and choose Sort
Sort A To Z from the shortcut menu.
3. Choose Data
Subtotal to display the Subtotal dialog box.
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