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Using the Analysis Toolpak add-in
To generate a random number between 40 and 50, use this formula:
Using the Analysis Toolpak add-in
Another way of getting random numbers into a worksheet is to use the Analysis Toolpak add-in
(an add-in that’s included with Excel). This tool can generate non-uniform random numbers.
These numbers aren’t generated by formulas, so if you want a new set of random numbers, you
need to rerun the procedure.
Access the Analysis Toolpak add-in by choosing Data
Data Analysis. If this command
isn’t available, install the Analysis Toolpak by using the Add-Ins dialog box. The easiest way to
display this dialog box is to press Atl+TI.
In the Data Analysis dialog box, select the Random Number Generation option and click OK. The
dialog box shown in Figure 130-1 appears.
Figure 130-1: The Random Number Generation dialog box.
Choose a distribution from the Distribution drop-down list and then specify additional
parameters (the parameters vary, depending on the distribution). Don’t forget to specify the Output
Range, which stores the random numbers.
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