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Creating a Text Chart Directly in a Range
Creating a Text Chart Directly in a Range
Tip 54 presents an example of the Data Bars Conditional Formatting option, which enables you
to create a simple bar chart directly in a range of cells. The Data Bars feature is quick and easy,
but if you share your workbook with others who use a version prior to Excel 2007, they will not
see the Data Bars.
This tip describes another way to create a bar chart directly in a range. Figure 133-1 shows an
example of a chart created by using formulas.
Figure 133-1: A histogram created directly in a range of cells.
Column D contains formulas that feature the rarely used REPT function, which repeats a text
string a specified number of times. For example, the following formula displays five asterisks:
In the example shown in Figure 133-1, cell D3 contains this formula, which was copied down the
Notice that the formula divides the value in column C by 2. This is a way to scale the chart.
Instead of displaying 60 asterisks, the cell displays 30 asterisks. For improved accuracy, you can
use the ROUND function:
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