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Selecting Elements in a Chart
Selecting Elements in a Chart
An Excel chart consists of a number of different elements. For example, all charts contain a plot
area and at least one data series. A chart can also contain elements such as a chart title, axes,
data labels, and so on. To work with a particular chart element, you need to select it — something
that is often easier said than done.
Excel provides three ways to select a particular chart element:
h Use the mouse.
h Use the keyboard.
h Use the Chart Elements control.
Selecting with the mouse
To select a chart element with your mouse, just click it. The chart element appears with small
circles at the corners.
To ensure that you selected the chart element you intended to select, view the Chart Element
control, located in the Chart Tools
Current Selection group on the Ribbon. Also, notice
that when you move the mouse over a chart, a small chart tip displays the name of the chart
element under the mouse pointer. Figure 134-1 shows the Chart Elements control and the tooltip
when a chart’s vertical axis is selected.
Figure 134-1: The Chart Element control displays the name of the selected chart element, and a tooltip
also describes the selection. In this example, Vertical (Value) Axis is selected.
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