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Creating a Self-Expanding Chart
Creating a Self-Expanding Chart
This tip describes how to create a chart that expands automatically when you add new data to a
worksheet. Figure 135-1 illustrates the problem: The chart displays all data in the sheet. But when
new data is entered, the chart series must be manually expanded to include the new data. It
would be nice if Excel could do this automatically.
Figure 135-1: If this chart were self-expanding, it would update automatically when
additional data is entered.
Excel can do it, and it’s very easy. The trick is to make sure that the data the chart uses is in a
table. If your chart is using data that’s not in a table, select the data and choose Insert
Tables to convert the range to a table.
That’s all there is to it. Excel recognizes the data as a table, and data added to the table is shown
in the chart. And if you delete rows from the top or bottom of the table, the chart also adjusts
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