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Creating Combination Charts
Creating Combination Charts
Typically, a chart uses a single style: a column chart, a line chart, or a pie chart, for example. If
your chart has more than one data series, you might want to display multiple styles within the
same chart — a combination chart. Figure 136-1 shows a chart that’s a good candidate for a
combination chart. The chart shows average temperature and precipitation, by month. But there’s a
problem. The two ranges of data vary in magnitude, so the precipitation columns are barely
visible in the chart.
Figure 136-1: This chart would be more effective as a combination chart.
Figure 136-2 shows the chart after I converted it to a combination chart. In this chart, the
precipitation values are depicted with a line, and it uses a second vertical axis on the right. Most would
agree that this chart is a vast improvement over the original.
Figure 136-2: This combination chart displays two data series that vary in magnitude.
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