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Using Pictures in Charts
Using Pictures in Charts
Excel makes it easy to incorporate a pattern, texture, or graphical file for elements in your chart.
Figure 139-1 shows a chart that uses a photo as the background for a chart’s Chart Area element.
Figure 139-1: The Chart Area contains a photo.
To display an image in a chart element, use the Fill tab in the element’s Format dialog box.
(Press Ctrl+1 to display this dialog box.) Select the Picture or Text Fill option and then click
the button that corresponds to the image source (File, Clipboard, or Clip Art). If you use the
Clipboard button, make sure that you copied your image first. The other two options prompt
you to supply the image.
Figure 139-2 shows two more examples: a pie chart that uses Office clip art as the fill in the Plot
Area, and a column chart that uses a shape, which was inserted on a worksheet and then copied
to the Clipboard.
Using images in a chart offers unlimited potential for creativity. The key, of course, is to resist the
temptation to go overboard. A chart’s primary goal is to convey information, not to impress the
viewer with your artistic skills. Also, remember that using images, especially photos, in charts can
dramatically increase the size of your workbooks.
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