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Using High-Low Lines in a Chart
Using High-Low Lines in a Chart
Excel supports a number of stock market charts, used to display stock market data. For example,
you can create a chart that shows a stock’s high, low, and closing prices. That particular chart
requires three data series.
But stock market charts aren’t just for stock prices. Figure 141-1 shows a chart that depicts daily
temperatures for a month. The vertical lines (called high-low lines ) show the temperature range
for the day.
This chart was created with a single command. I selected the range A3:D34, chose Insert
Other Charts, and selected the High-Low-Close option. You can, of course, format the
high-low lines any way you like. And you may prefer to have the average temperatures
connected with a line.
Figure 141-1: Using a stock market chart to plot temperature data.
When creating stock market charts, the order of the data for the chart series is critical. Because I
chose the High-Low-Close chart type, the series must be arranged in that order.
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