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Creating a Chart Template
Creating a Chart Template
If you find that you’re continually making the same types of customizations to your charts, you
can probably save some time by creating a template. Many users avoid this feature because they
think that it’s too complicated. Creating a chart template is actually very simple.
To create a chart template, follow these steps:
1. Create a chart to serve as the basis for your template.
The data you use for this chart isn’t critical, but for best results, it should be typical of the
data that you will eventually plot with your custom chart type.
2. Apply any formatting and customizations that you like.
This step determines the appearance of the charts created from the template.
3. Activate the chart and choose Chart Tools
Save As Template.
Excel displays its Save Chart Template dialog box.
4. Provide a name for the template and click Save.
To create a chart based on a template, follow these steps:
1. Select the data to be used in the chart.
2. Choose Insert
Other Charts
All Chart Types.
Excel displays its Insert Chart dialog box.
3. On the left side of the Insert Chart dialog box, select Templates.
Excel displays an icon for each custom template that has been created.
4. Click the icon that represents the template you want to use and click OK.
Excel creates the chart based on the template you selected.
You can also apply a template to an existing chart. Select the chart and choose Chart Tools
Change Chart Type.
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