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Resetting All Chart Formatting
Resetting All Chart Formatting
Excel provides you with many chart formatting options. You can select individual chart elements
and apply all sorts of formatting: shadows, glows, bevels, fills, and outline styles, for example.
Sometimes, it’s easy to go overboard.
If you go overboard in formatting a chart element, you can undo your previous actions, although
it’s much easier to reset the chart element to its original state. Just select the element and choose
Chart Tools
Reset to Match Style. Or, right-click the chart element
and choose Reset to Match Style from the shortcut menu.
Current Selection
To reset all formatting changes in the entire chart, select the Chart Area before you choose the
Reset to Match Style command.
Figure 147-1 shows a chart with way too much formatting. But, as you can see in Figure 147-2,
even the gaudiest chart can be salvaged.
Figure 147-1: Formatting overload.
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