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Selecting Objects on a Worksheet
Selecting Objects on a Worksheet
Excel lets you place quite a few different types of objects on a worksheet: charts, shapes, clip art,
and SmartArt, for example. To work with an object, you must select it. The easiest way to select a
single object is to click it. What if you want to select multiple objects? For example, you might
want to move several objects, delete them, or apply formatting.
Excel provides several ways to select multiple objects.
Pressing the Ctrl key while you click objects is one way to select multiple objects.
The Selection and Visibility pane
The Selection and Visibility pane, shown in Figure 151-1, provides a quick way to select (and hide)
objects. To display the Selection and Visibility pane, choose Home
Find & Select
Selection Pane.
The pane contains the name of each object on the active worksheet. Click an object name, and
the object is selected. Press Ctrl to select multiple objects. You can also use this task pane to hide
objects (click the little eyeball icon) and rearrange the stack order of objects (use the two
Reorder buttons).
Figure 151-1: You can use the Selection and Visibility pane to easily select objects (if you know their names).
The Go to Special dialog box
To select all objects on a worksheet, choose Home
Find & Select
Go to Special. Then
choose the Objects option in the Go to Special dialog box and click OK.
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