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Making a Greeting Card
Making a Greeting Card
It’s your boss’s birthday, and you forgot to buy a birthday card! No problem. Follow these steps
to create a do-it-yourself greeting card in a worksheet.
1. Start with an empty worksheet.
2. Select columns A and B, choose Home
Column Width, and then specify
45 as the column width.
3. Select rows 1 and 2, choose Home
Row Height, and then specify 350 as
the row height.
4. Choose View
Page Layout, to enter Page Layout view. You might
want to use the Zoom control on the right side of the status bar to reduce the size of the
worksheet so you can see the four cells in the range A1:B2.
Workbook Views
5. Choose Insert
Clip Art to display the Clip Art task pane.
6. Search for an appropriate word (for example, birthday) and locate a suitable clip art
7. Add the clip art image to the worksheet and drag it to cell A1.
8. Click the green handle in the clip art image and rotate it so that the image is
9. Type some text into cell B2 and format it any way you like.
Centering vertically and horizontally is a good choice.
Your worksheet should look something like the one shown in Figure 152-1. You may need to
tweak the row heights and column widths so range A1:B2 fills exactly one page.
Print the worksheet and fold it once vertically and once horizontally. Voilà! Instant (and cheap)
greeting card.
Remember, it’s the thought that counts.
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