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Enhancing Text Formatting in Shapes
Enhancing Text Formatting in Shapes
When you add text to a shape (including a text box), Excel provides you with formatting
capabilities that aren’t normally available. To try them out, use Insert
Shapes and add a
shape to your worksheet (any shape, except those in the Line group). Then, just start typing to
add some text.
You can select individual words or characters by dragging with your mouse or by using the arrow
keys while you press Shift. Select some characters, right-click, and choose one of these
commands from the shortcut menu:
h Font
h Paragraph
h Bullets
These commands each display a dialog box that isn’t available for normal text formatting in a
cell. Unfortunately, you can’t preview your formatting; the changes don’t appear until you click
OK. Figure 153-1 shows some text formatting accomplished using the Font dialog box.
Figure 153-1: Special text formatting, available only in a shape.
For more options, right-click and choose Format Shape (to display the Format Shape dialog box)
and click the Text Box tab. Here, you can set margins and even specify snaking columns.
Figure 153-2 shows a shape that uses two columns of text, and four bullets.
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