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Using Images as Line Chart Markers
Using Images as Line Chart Markers
When you create a Line chart (or a scatter chart), you can choose from a few different marker
styles. For added pizzazz, you might want to use a shape or a simple clip art image for your
markers. This technique works best when the chart has a small number of data points.
Figure 154-1 shows an example. This line chart uses a shape for its markers.
Figure 154-1: This line chart uses a shape in place of standard line markers.
The procedure is simple:
1. Create a line chart, with markers.
2. Choose Insert
Shapes to add a shape to your worksheet.
3. Format the shape any way you like and size it so that it’s suitable for the chart.
4. Select the shape and press Ctrl+C.
5. Activate the chart, select the line series, and press Ctrl+V.
You can even use different shapes for each data point. The trick is to click the series once to
select the entire series and then click a single data point marker. When you press Ctrl+V, only the
selected marker is changed. Figure 154-2 shows a chart that uses two different shapes.
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