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Finding Duplicates by Using Conditional Formatting
Finding Duplicates by Using
Conditional Formatting
You might find it helpful to identify duplicate values within a range of cells. For example, take a
look at Figure 168-1. Are any of the values duplicated?
One approach to identifying duplicate values is to use conditional formatting. After applying a
conditional formatting rule, you can quickly spot duplicate cell values.
Figure 168-1: You can use conditional formatting to quickly identify duplicate values in a range.
Here’s how to set up the conditional formatting:
1. Select the cells in the range (in this example, A1:G22).
2. Choose Home
Conditional Formatting
New Rule to display the Conditional Formatting
dialog box.
3. In the Conditional Formatting dialog box, select the option labeled Use a Formula to
Determine Which Cells to Format.
4. For this example, enter this formula (change the range references to correspond to your
own data):
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