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Finding Duplicates by Using Conditional Formatting
5. Click the Format button and specify the formatting to apply when the condition is true.
Changing the fill color is a good choice.
6. Click OK.
Figure 168-2 shows the result. The six highlighted cells are the duplicate values in the range.
Figure 168-2: Conditional formatting causes the duplicate cells to be highlighted.
You can extend this technique to identify entire rows within a list that are identical. The trick is to
add a new column and use a formula that concatenates the data in each row. For example, if your
list is in A2:G500, enter this formula in cell H2:
Copy the formula down the column and then apply the conditional formatting to the formulas in
column H. In this case, the conditional formatting formula is
Highlighted cells in column H indicate duplicate rows.
A feature introduced in Excel 2007 makes it easy to delete duplicate rows. See Tip 33.
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