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Creating a Quick Frequency Tabulation
Creating a Quick Frequency Tabulation
This tip describes a quick method for creating a frequency tabulation for a single column of data.
Figure 169-1 shows a small part of a range that contains more than 20,000 rows of city and state
data. The goal is to tally the number of times each state appears in the list.
Although you can tally the states in a number of ways, a pivot table is the easiest choice for this
Figure 169-1: You can use a pivot table to generate a frequency tabulation for these state abbreviations.
Before you get started on this task, make sure that your data column has a heading. In this
example, it’s in cell B1.
Activate any cell in column A or B and then follow these steps:
1. Choose Insert➜Tables➜PivotTable to display the Create PivotTable dialog box.
2. If Excel doesn’t correctly identify the range, change the Table/Range setting.
3. Specify a location for the pivot table.
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