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Unlinking a Pivot Table from Its Source
Unlinking a Pivot Table from Its Source
You may have a situation in which you need to send someone a pivot table summary report, but
you don’t want to include the original data. In other words, you want to “unlink” the pivot table
from its data source.
Excel doesn’t provide a direct way to unlink a pivot table, but if you follow a few easy steps,
you’ll end up with a perfect copy of the pivot table.
Figure 172-1 shows a nicely formatted pivot table. If you select the pivot table and copy it to
another location, the copied range is also a pivot table. The solution is to copy and paste values.
Figure 172-1: This pivot table will be unlinked from its data source.
Follow these steps to create an unlinked copy of the pivot table:
1. Select the pivot table cells (B3:F9 in this example) and press Ctrl+C to copy the range.
2. Choose Home
The pivot table is replaced by its values, but the nice pivot table formatting is gone (see
Figure 172-2).
Figure 172-2: This pivot table is unlinked, but the formatting is no longer present.
To get the pivot table formatting back, you need to perform two additional steps:
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