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Using Pivot Table Slicers
Using Pivot Table Slicers
If you work with pivot tables, you’ve probably discovered that you can apply filters to control
what’s shown in the pivot table. Figure 173-1 shows a pivot table (and a pivot chart) that
summarizes sales by state and by month.
Figure 173-1: An unfiltered pivot table and pivot chart.
You can filter the pivot table to show only specific months or specific states. Just click the
dropdown arrow in the field label, and specify your filtering. Figure 173-2 shows a filter being applied
to the States field. Clicking OK will change the pivot table (and pivot chart) to show data only for
Arizona and California.
Filters are useful because you can temporarily hide irrelevant information and focus only on data
that’s of interest. In addition, filtering the pivot table to show only two states makes the pivot
chart much more legible.
A problem with pivot table filtering is that it’s easily overlooked. Not everyone understands that
clicking those little arrows displays a filtering pane. Excel 2010 introduced a new feature called
Slicers, which makes pivot table filtering easy and very discoverable.
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