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Using Pivot Table Slicers
Figure 173-2: Applying a filter to a pivot table.
To add one or more Slicers to a pivot table, select any cell in the pivot table and choose Insert
Slicer. Excel displays its Insert Slicers dialog box, which allows you to choose one or more
fields. Click OK, and the Slicers are added to your worksheet.
Figure 173-3 shows the pivot table after I added two Slicers. The pivot table is filtered to show
data for three months for two states. Notice that the pivot chart is also filtered, making it much
easier to read.
To filter using a Slicer, just click the item in the Slicer. Press Ctrl to select multiple items. To clear
the filters (and show all data in a field), click the Clear Filter icon in the upper right corner of the
Slicers are highly customizable. You can adjust their dimensions, change their colors, and specify
multiple columns. When you select a Slicer, you have access to the tools on the Slicer Tools
Options contextual tab.
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