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Opening the Web page directly
Figure 176-2: Using the New Web Query dialog box to specify the data to be imported.
By default, the imported data is a Web query. To refresh the information, right-click any cell in
the imported range and choose Refresh from the shortcut menu.
If you don’t want to create a refreshable query, specify this choice in Step 5 of the preceding step
list. In the Import Data dialog box, click the Properties button and deselect the Save Query
Definition check box.
Opening the Web page directly
Another way to get Web page data into a worksheet is to open the URL directly, by using Excel’s
Open command. Just enter the complete URL into the File Name field and click Open. The
results will vary, depending on how the Web page is laid out. Most of the time, you’ll get
satisfactory results. In some cases, you’ll retrieve quite a bit of extraneous information.
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