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Selecting multisheet ranges
To select multiple nonadjacent columns, press Ctrl while you click the column letters for the
columns you want to include.
Selecting multisheet ranges
In addition to two-dimensional ranges on a single worksheet, ranges can extend across multiple
worksheets to be three-dimensional ranges.
Figure 4-3 shows a simple example of a multisheet workbook. The workbook has four sheets,
named Totals, Marketing, Operations, and Manufacturing. The sheets are laid out identically.
Figure 4-3: Each worksheet in this workbook is laid out identically.
Assume that you want to apply the same formatting to all sheets — for example, you want to
make the column headings bold with background shading. Selecting a multisheet range is the
best approach. When the ranges are selected, the formatting is applied to all sheets.
In general, selecting a multisheet range is a simple two-step process:
1. Select the range in one sheet.
2. Select the worksheets to include in the range.
To select a group of contiguous worksheets, press Shift and click the sheet tab of the
last worksheet that you want to include in the selection. To select individual
worksheets, press Ctrl and click the sheet tab of each worksheet that you want to select.
When you make the selection, the sheet tabs of the selected sheets appear with a
white background, and Excel displays [Group] on the title bar.
When you finish working with the multisheet range, click any sheet tab to leave Group mode.
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