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Using Workspace Files
Using Workspace Files
If you have a project that uses multiple workbooks, you probably get tired of opening the same
files every time you work on the project.
The solution? Create a workspace file:
1. Open all the files used for your project.
2. Arrange the workbook windows the way you like them.
3. Choose View
Save Workspace to display the Save Workspace dialog box.
4. Excel proposes the name upper, but you can specify any name you like. Just make sure
that you use the XLW extension.
5. Click Save, and the workspace file is created.
After creating a workspace file, you can open it by choosing File
Open. In the Open dialog box,
specify Workspaces (upper) in the Files of Type drop-down list.
A workspace file contains only the filenames and window position information — not
the workbooks. Saving the workspace file does not save the workbooks.
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