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Controlling What Gets Printed
Controlling What Gets Printed
This tip deals with some printing basics.
Displaying the Quick Print button
No, your eyes don’t deceive you. It’s true that Excel 2010, by default, doesn’t display a Print
button on the Ribbon. The “normal” way of printing a document is to choose the File
If you like the idea of one-click printing, make a change to your Quick Access toolbar:
1. Click the downward-pointing arrow to the right of the Quick Access toolbar.
2. Choose Quick Print.
After you complete these steps, the Quick Access toolbar displays a new icon. Click the icon, and
Excel prints the entire contents of the active worksheet. But sometimes you want a bit more
control over the documents you send to your printer.
Adjusting common page setup settings
Clicking the Quick Print button (or choosing File
Print) may produce acceptable results in
many cases, but a little tweaking of the print settings can often improve your printed reports.
You can adjust print settings in three places:
h The Print screen in Backstage View, displayed when you choose File
h The Page Layout tab of the Ribbon
h The Page Setup dialog box, displayed when you click the dialog launcher in the
bottomright corner of the Page Layout
Page Setup group on the Ribbon
Table 183-1 summarizes the locations where you can make various types of print adjustments in
Excel 2010.
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