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Saving to a PDF File
Saving to a PDF File
The Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) file standard has become increasingly popular, for
several reasons:
h PDF files can be read on many different platforms by using Adobe Acrobat Reader (a
free product).
h The information looks the same, regardless of the computer or printer used.
h The document cannot be easily modified.
PDF is a good choice if you need to send information to someone who doesn’t have a copy of
Excel. Nowadays, just about everyone has software installed that can display PDF files.
Excel 2010 includes a built-in option to save to a PDF file. When your workbook is finalized,
choose File
Create PDF/XPS Document. Then click the Create a PDF/XPS button,
and Excel displays the Publish as PDF or XPS dialog box where you can specify the location for
the file.
Save & Send
XPS is a Microsoft file format, and it’s not nearly as popular as the PDF format. In fact,
many people don’t even have software that displays these documents. So, unless you
have a good reason to do otherwise, choose the PDF option instead.
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