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Making Your Printout Fit on One Page
Making Your Printout Fit on One Page
If you need to ensure that your printed output fits on a single page, you can spend time adjusting
the font sizes — or you can let Excel do the work for you.
Figure 190-1 shows a worksheet in Page Layout view. This workbook will print on six pages.
Figure 190-1: This worksheet will print on six pages.
To force Excel to print the entire worksheet on a single sheet, choose Page Layout➜Scale To Fit
and specify 1 Page for the Width and 1 Page for the Height. Excel will shrink the output to your
Figure 190-2 shows the worksheet after specifying these values. I also changed the orientation to
landscape so that it would fit better on the page.
Obviously, you need to consider the legibility of the printout. If you force too much information
on a single sheet, it’s printed so small that you need a magnifying glass to read it.
The Page Layout
Scale To Fit settings affect the worksheet’s Zoom level. These
settings do not change the font size. To return to normal view, specify Automatic for the
Width and Height settings.
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