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Copying Page Setup Settings Across Sheets
Copying Page Setup Settings Across Sheets
Each Excel worksheet has its own printing options (orientation, margins, and headers and
footers, for example). These options are specified in the Page Setup group on the Page Layout tab.
When you add a new sheet to a workbook, the sheet contains the default Page Setup settings.
Here’s an easy way to transfer the settings from one worksheet to additional worksheets:
1. Activate the sheet that contains the setup information you want.
This is the source sheet.
2. Select the target sheets.
Ctrl+click the sheet tabs of the sheets you want to update with the settings from the
source sheet.
3. Click the dialog box launcher in the Page Layout
Page Setup group.
It’s the small icon to the right of the Page Setup group name. Clicking this icon displays
the Page Setup dialog box.
4. When the Page Setup dialog box appears, click OK to close it.
5. Ungroup the sheets by right-clicking any selected sheet and choosing Ungroup Sheets
from the shortcut menu.
The Page Setup settings of the source sheet are transferred to all the target sheets.
Two settings located on the Sheet tab of the Page Setup dialog box are not
transferred: Print Area and Print Titles. In addition, pictures in the header or footer are not
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