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Printing a Giant Banner
Printing a Giant Banner
Excel really wasn’t designed for this task, but if you need to print a giant banner — and you have
no other way to do it — follow these instructions to create a workbook that prints one large
character per page.
1. Start with a new workbook and make sure that all other workbooks are closed.
2. Type your message, one character per cell, in column A.
3. Select the cells and make the text bold and centered vertically and horizontally.
4. Set the font size to 409 (the largest allowable font).
5. Select column A, choose Home
Column Width, and set the column
width to 84.
Or, adjust as needed. Your goal is to make column A occupy an entire horizontal page.
6. Choose Page Layout
Page Setup
Custom Margin to display the Margins tab
of the Page Setup dialog box.
7. In the Page Setup dialog box, place a checkmark in both the Horizontally and the
Vertically check boxes.
8. Choose View
Workbook Views
Page Layout to enter Page Layout view.
9. Use the Zoom control on the status bar to set the worksheet zoom to 10 percent.
Then you can see many complete pages.
10. Use the Page Layout
Scale To Fit
Scale control to increase the scale factor to 150
11. Adjust, if necessary, until each page displays a large character.
Make sure to look at your sheets in Print Preview mode before printing to ensure that each
character is as large as possible on the page.
Figure 194-1 shows the word Congrats in Page Layout view.
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