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Using the Excel Error-Checking Features
Figure 195-2: Clicking an error Smart Tag gives you a list of options.
Even if you don’t use the automatic error checking option, you can choose the Formulas
Formula Auditing Error Checking command to display a dialog box that displays each potential
error cell in sequence, much like using a spell-checking feature. Figure 195-3 shows the Error
Checking dialog box. Note that because it’s a modeless dialog box, you can still access your
worksheet when the Error Checking dialog box is displayed.
Figure 195-3: Using the Error Checking dialog box to cycle through potential errors identified by Excel.
Understand that the error-checking feature isn’t perfect. In fact, it’s not even close to
perfect. In other words, you can’t assume that you have an error-free worksheet
simply because Excel doesn’t identify any potential errors! Also, be aware that this
errorchecking feature doesn’t catch a common type of error — overwriting a formula cell
with a value.
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