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Creating Simple Worksheet Functions
Creating Simple Worksheet Functions
Excel provides many worksheet functions, but sometimes you need something other than what’s
available by default. This tip provides a few examples of custom functions that can be used in
worksheet formulas.
Function procedures must be placed in a normal VBA module. If your workbook
doesn’t have any VBA modules, activate the Visual Basic Editor, select your workbook
from the Project list, and choose Insert➜Module.
Returning the user name
The following USERNAME function simply displays the name of the user — the name listed on the
General tab of the Options dialog box:
Function USERNAME()
End Function
Here’s a worksheet formula that uses this function:
Determine whether a cell contains a formula
The following CELLHASFORMULA function accepts a single-cell argument and returns TRUE if
the cell has a formula:
Function CELLHASFORMULA(cell) As Boolean
‘ Returns TRUE if cell has a formula
CELLHASFORMULA = cell.Range(“A1”).HasFormula
End Function
If a multicell range argument is passed to the function, the function works with the upper left cell
in the range.
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