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Executing a Ribbon Command with a Macro
Executing a Ribbon Command with a Macro
This tip describes how to write VBA code that mimics clicking a command on the Excel Ribbon.
For example, you can write a macro that executes the Home
Align Text Left
To execute a Ribbon command, you must know the command’s name. One way to find a
control’s name is to use the Customize Ribbon tab of the Excel Options dialog box. Choose File
Options and click the Customize Ribbon tab. Then locate the command in the list on the left and
hover your mouse over the command. A ToolTip displays the command’s name (in parentheses).
In Figure 211-1, for example, the ToolTip indicates that the command name for Home
Align Text Left is AlignLeft. The following VBA macro, when executed, has the same
effect as choosing the Home
Align Text Left command:
Sub ExecuteAlignLeft()
CommandBars.ExecuteMso “AlignLeft”
End Sub
Figure 211-1: Using ToolTips to determine command names.
You can download a workbook from the Microsoft site that lists all Excel Ribbon
command names — more than 1,700 of them. Try searching the Web for Office 2010
Ribbon commands .
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