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Using a Personal Macro Workbook
Using a Personal Macro Workbook
When you start recording a macro, the Record Macro dialog box prompts you for a location to
store the macro (see Figure 213-1). Your choices are
h Personal Macro Workbook
h New Workbook
h This Workbook
Figure 213-1: The Record Macro dialog box lets you choose where to store the recorded macro.
Most user-created macros are designed for use in a specific workbook, but you might want to use
some macros in all your work. You can store these general-purpose macros in the Personal Macro
Workbook so that they are always available to you.
The Personal Macro Workbook is loaded whenever you start Excel. The file, named personal.xlsb,
doesn’t exist until you record a macro by using Personal Macro Workbook as the destination.
The Personal Macro Workbook normally is in a hidden window (to keep it out of
the way).
To record the macro in your Personal Macro Workbook, select the Personal Macro Workbook
option in the Record Macro dialog box before you start recording. This is one of the options on
the Store Macro In drop-down list.
If you store macros in the Personal Macro Workbook, you don’t have to remember to open the
Personal Macro Workbook when you load a workbook that uses macros. Excel automatically
opens it.
If you made any changes to your Personal Macro Workbook, you’re prompted to save the file
when you close Excel.
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