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Creating a live image of a range
Creating a live image of a range
To create an image that’s linked to the original range of cells, select the cells and press Ctrl+C to
copy the range to the Clipboard. Then choose Home
Linked Picture (I). Excel pastes a picture of the original range, and the picture is linked — if you
make changes to the original, those changes are shown in the linked picture.
Other Paste Options
Notice that when you select the linked picture, the Formula bar displays the address of the
original range. You can edit this range reference to change the cells that are displayed in the picture.
To “de-link” the picture, just delete the formula on the Formula bar.
As with an unlinked picture, you can use Excel’s Picture Tools contextual menu to modify the
appearance of the linked picture.
You can also cut and paste this picture to a different worksheet, if you like. That makes it easy to
refer to information on a different sheet.
Figure 20-2 shows a linked picture of a range placed on top of a shape, which has lots of
interesting formatting capabilities. Placing a linked picture on top of a shape is a good way to make a
particular range stand out.
Figure 20-2: A linked picture of a range, placed on top of a shape.
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