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Replacing Formatting
Figure 22-1: The Replace tab in the Find and Replace dialog box.
If you use the Choose Format from Cell option in Step 4, you may find that not all
occurrences of the formatting are replaced — usually because one or more aspects of
the formatting do not match. For example, if you click a cell that has General number
formatting, it doesn’t replace cells that have Date number formatting. The solution is
to click the Format button to display the Find Format dialog box and then click the
Clear button in each dialog box tab in which the formatting is not relevant.
In some cases, you may prefer to simply select the cells with a particular format. To do so,
perform Steps 1 through 4 in the preceding step list. Then click the Find All button. The dialog box
expands to display information about the qualifying cells (see Figure 22-2). Click the bottom part
of the dialog box and then press Ctrl+A to select all qualifying cells.
Figure 22-2: The Find and Replace dialog box expands to display a list of all matching cells.
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