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Changing the Excel Color Scheme
Changing the Excel Color Scheme
One of the features introduced in Office 2007 was the ability to change the color scheme of the
applications. You do this in the Excel Options dialog box. Choose File
Options and then click the
General tab. Use the Color Scheme drop-down list to select your color choice: Blue, Sliver, or
Black (see Figure 23-1). When you change the color scheme, your choice affects all other
Microsoft Office applications.
Figure 23-1: Selecting a new color scheme for Excel.
You may find that a particular color scheme is easier on the eyes. Or, you may just want an
occasional change of scenery. Unfortunately, the three choices are all there is — what you see is what
you get. You cannot customize the color schemes in any way, and (as far as I know) third-party
developers cannot even create new color schemes.
Don’t confuse color schemes with document themes. The document theme feature is
an entirely different concept, and these two features are not related. See Tip 16 for
more about document themes.
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