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Limiting the Usable Area in a Worksheet
Limiting the Usable Area in a Worksheet
Have you ever wanted to restrict access to a certain range within a worksheet? For example, you
may want to set up a worksheet so that only cells in a particular range can be activated or
modified. This tip describes two ways to accomplish this task: by using the ScrollArea property
and by using worksheet protection.
Setting the ScrollArea property
A worksheet’s ScrollArea property determines which range is visible. The instructions that
follow describe how to restrict the usable area of the worksheet to a specific range.
Here’s how to do it:
1. Make sure that the Developer tab of the Ribbon is displayed.
By default, this tab is not displayed. To turn on the Developer tab, access the Excel
Options dialog box (choose File
Options), click the Customize Ribbon tab, and place a
checkmark next to Developer, in the listbox on the right.
2. Choose Developer
Properties to display the Properties window (see
Figure 24-1).
3. In the Properties window, enter the range address in the ScrollArea field and press
In the figure, the range is C6:F13. You can’t point to the range; you must enter the range
address manually.
Figure 24-1: Use the Properties window to set the scroll area for the worksheet.
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