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Using an Alternative to Cell Comments
Using an Alternative to Cell Comments
As you probably know, you can attach a comment to any cell by using the Review
New Comment button (or by right-clicking the cell and choosing Insert Comment from the
shortcut menu). Use Review
Show All Comments to toggle the display of comments.
The Excel Options dialog box has additional comment viewing options, found in the Display
section of the Advanced tab. A user can choose to hide all comments and comment indicators —
which means that your comments will probably never be seen.
This tip describes how to use Excel’s Data Validation feature to display a pop-up message
whenever a cell is activated. It’s a good way to ensure that your comment will always be seen,
regardless of the user’s comment viewing setting.
Follow these steps to add a message to a cell:
1. Activate the cell that you want to display the pop-up message.
2. Choose Data
Data Tools
Data Validation to display the Data Validation dialog box.
3. In the Data Validation dialog box, click the Input Message tab.
4. (Optional) In the Title field, enter a title for your message.
5. Enter the message itself in the Input Message box.
6. Click OK to close the Data Validation dialog box.
After you perform these steps, the message appears whenever the cell is activated (see Figure 25-1
for an example). You can also click and drag the message to a different location, if it’s in your way.
Figure 25-1: This pop-up message was created by using Excel’s Data Validation feature.
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