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Entering formulas
display all the characters. If you need to display a large amount of text in a worksheet, consider
putting it in a text box (use Insert
Text Box).
Entering formulas
Normally, you signal that you’re entering a formula by beginning the cell entry with an equal sign
(=). However, Excel also accepts a plus sign or a minus sign. And (to accommodate old Lotus
1-2-3 users), if your formula begins with a worksheet function, Excel also accepts an ampersand
(@). However, as soon as you press Enter, the ampersand is replaced with an equal sign.
Formulas can contain these elements:
h Mathematical operators, such as + (for addition) and * (for multiplication)
h Parentheses
h Cell references (including named cells and ranges)
h Values or text
h Worksheet functions (such as SUM or AVERAGE)
If the formula you entered isn’t syntactically correct, Excel might propose a correction. Keep in
mind that the suggested Excel correction might be syntactically correct, but it isn’t always what
you had in mind.
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